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The Political Cases

The simplest thing I can do is make cases on political positions, ideas and ideologies.

The Canadian Cases

A little more Canadian focused cases.

Electrical Engineering

Thoughts from my own personal expertise.


Just thoughts.


NoLasagna: Welcome to the Party, Pal!

I write stuff and infuriate libertarians. This is life I suppose. When you overly critical of the prophet, Sir Ron Paul, it gets you a following. It is equally interesting when you do it from a perspective that isn't left wing or right wing. Whoa, am I an evil war hawk neocon? Or am I some pinko? Obviously I'm neither. I'm just one of those paid shills.

Some of our categories

For now you can check out our categories if you want to see stuff. I'll get around to organizing this as the content grows, but really there isn't too much to go through.

Self Study of Philosophy

I'm in the process of learning philosophy. You can check out the self study category. Currently I'm working through epistemology and will be working on more in the future.


With the retirement of Ron Paul came the eventual retirement of my site It was a site dedicated to exposing the shady side of Ron Paul and his supporters. During my many years with that website I produced a lot of content. Instead of letting it all disappear from the internet, I gave it a new home here. You can view all the migrated content at this time here.

Find me on Social Media

@NoLasagna on Twitter and NoLasagna_ on Reddit.

Future Topics