The Conservative Problem

This page is currently a work in progress and is still being written. This in a lot of ways is a dumping ground for incomplete thoughts, observations and related content - which will be tied into place at a later time.

I'm not a conservative, but I tend to vote that way. Not because I necessarily agree, but that I view it as the least damaging political outcome. Writing this was brought on by an article by Andrew Coyne asking the question 'What is Conservatism?' I agree with his understanding of the question, not that I endorse his views on what should be.

What is Conservativism

It's a hard question. Someone that hates conservatives would have an explanation: cut the entire budget, gay haters, racists, homophobes, christians, etc. Not true. It's hard to answer the question because there is truly no underlying principles and that leaves them a floating extraction. Truth be told the liberals float too, but at least they know the direction they'd like to go.

Simple understanding is that the mainstream Liberals and mainstream Conservatives float around the center. What is the center? The average of the general public viewpoint. This is why you see the two parties seemingly float around the same ideas and that's what they're floating around. Despite partisan rhetoric the LPC and CPC are pretty similar.

What should be concerning to conservatives is that the center is floating in a left direction. The other concern is that there is seemingly nothing that conservatives stand for.

Look at the most recent Canadian election; the left wing parties were talking about PharmaCare, gun bans, higher taxes on businesses, etc. What did we get from the conservatives? A tax credit on public transit. A tax credit for fitness and your kid. There were absolutely no bold idea or bold plans. Just trying not to shake anything up, hoping not to scare or offend anyone.

Trump is another phenomenon that you can clearly see conservatives follow/agree with even when it goes against that conventional "free trade", and overall free market viewpoint. Sure he has done some good things, but he's loved precisely for the things he's bad for - or the notion that whatever pisses off the liberals is good.

Partisan Games

Seems like all politicians or more importantly the cheerleading supporters rally to their partisan side to defend it no matter what. I have to say one of the most annoying things about politics is watching conservatives complain about liberals in power doing something and once they get in power they do the same thing... all the while their supporters defend it. It seems to be something that all parties do, but it's just a sign that people really don't care about the VALUES brought to the table. It's another iteration of how conservatism is a dead concept.

Either debt is bad or it's not. Either market regulation is bad or it's not. It's not a matter of it is bad when they do it, but when I do it - well it's right. Currently at the time of writing this the UCP in Alberta sent a big convo of cabinet ministers to Ottawa for a big showing. It's a total waste of money. It's totally unnecessary. And it's just a big cost to taxpayers, but don't worry there is an army of cheerleaders ready to defend it. Some introduction text. Lists out all the headings from h1 to h6. Easy to customise. Some more text. Additional text.