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I thought I should put some thoughts down about the game Fortnite Battle Royale. I used to play this game and finally gave it up. The reason I liked it was the mechanics. The game is unique with its building aspect that no other game really has. For a number of reasons it just stopped being fun, especially when you want to play it at a higher level.

The following things I've learned, which will help me before I get into a game, and put in time it.

Playerbase Age

Fortnite is the first game that I've played where the average age of players was low, like in the low teens - if not lower. I've played my share of games and never ran into such a young playerbase. I played a lot of Battlefield 4 and I was playing with those in University and some that were adults with children.

The average age has a profound presence on how the game is developed and how much it is updated. Kids are just not interested on the specific things that I think make a good game (such as balanced meta, skill is rewarded, reduced/eliminated RNG, etc). It seemed to be more about cosmetics. Also winning not from skill, but by rolling the dice with RNG chance and RNG based weaponry.


RNG or random number generator is just a way to say random. Fortnite is a game of looting. You start with nothing and you look for the items. There are spawns for items, which are random and whether anything spawns is also random. Contrast this with an arena game where there are set locations specific items.

This is fine for playing around without the expectation of winning. Someone ends up finding a shotgun immediately and you find just bandages. You die. Certainly not fun. Certainly not skillful. You can loot many spawn points and end up with garbage. This is something that can't work competitively.

Added to that is the shooting mechanics, which is RNG. "Bloom" is what they call it. If you spray a gun it will shot out randomly in various directions from the crosshair. You can randomly hit every shot and randomly miss everything.

Griefing Weapons

Griefing is the act of screwing over other people. It's not necessarily winning, but just ruining someone else's game experience. Many no skill weapons have been added into the game that just don't provide any particular value other than just griefing. Stink bombs are one that have been around for a long time. Others have been vaulted after long times in the game such as C4. I've seen some new items recently that are the same thing such as boom bow, proximity grenade launcher and storm flips.

All these weapons are absolutely no skill. They come with little to no counter play. And since finding them is completely RNG, anyone can ruin your day.

Constant Updates/Meta Changes

Fortnite updates every single week. You'd probably think it was nice that a dev team is so committed to the game. The problem is that these updates aren't here to fix bugs and improve meta in a healthy way. (I define meta in a healthy way as allowing many different play styles to co-exist in a balanced manner - rather than the entire server playing the same way) Each update comes with new bugs, sometimes making the game have worse performance and new weaponry. New weapons are typically garbage and useless, but sometimes they have periods of time where they add game breaking over powered weapons every single week.