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This page is part of my self study project into philosophy. What is written are my own personal notes taken as a means of formalizing what I've read and/or learned. The information may not be accurate, as I may have took away the wrong points. Also the information could be basic or partial - as learning requires taking on small parts before getting deeper. The content may be a tad scatterbrain as well. Either way, it should be an interesting read and maybe you'll learn something with me.

Metaphysics is the study of being, existence and reality. It seeks to answer what is there? And what is it like?

This is a self study section on Metaphysics where I'm studying from the book: Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction by Loux, Crisp

Study has started.

The book starts out trying to explain what is metaphysics. Illustrated is how difficult it is. There's the older philosophers like Aristotle that viewed it as being qua being, where everything is categorized. More modern philosophers expanded this into more topics like free will.


Chapter 1 The Problem of Universals I: Metaphysical Realism
Chapter 2 The Problem of Universals II: Nominalism
Chapter 3 Concrete Particulars I: Substrata, Bundles, and Substances
Chapter 4 Propositions and Their Neighbors
Chapter 5 The Necessary and the Possible
Chapter 6 Causation
Chapter 7 The Nature of Time
Chapter 8 Concrete Particulars II: Persistence Through Time
Chapter 9 Concrete Particulars III: Parts and Wholes
Chapter 10 Metaphysical Indeterminacy
Chapter 11 The Challenge of Anti-Realism